Blue Sky Bioservices offers comprehesive qPCR and RT-PCR services tailored to the needs of our clients.  Blue Sky can save you time by managing the entire process all the way through qPCR experiments and data analysis or from cell line expansion, RNA preparation and cDNA synthesis to downstream applications. 


Quantitative Real Time PCR (qPCR) is an important research tool for quantifying gene expression or DNA copy number.  Blue Sky Bioservices offers rapid, high quality qPCR analysis using our state of the art equipment.   Our full service qPCR offering includes RNA and cDNA preparation, primer design, experimental design, qPCR experiment execution and data analysis, incluing normalization to internal controls.  Blue Sky utilizes both general fluorescent dyes (ex. SYBR Green) and gene specific probes. 


Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) is a technique where mRNAs are reverse transcribed into cDNA using the enzyme reverse transcriptase.  The resulting cDNA can be used for a variety of applications including qPCR, sequence validation or expression.  cDNA can be amplified using standard PCR and cloned directly into cloning or expression vectors. 

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