Quality assay development and validation in our dedicated radioactive lab.

Radiometric assays are the “gold standard” for many laboratories but establishing and maintaining these capabilities can be a burden for clients with limited resources. Blue Sky Bioservices has a dedicated radioactive lab for conducting assays using H3, C14, P32, P33, S35, and I125. Whether you need a membrane-binding, scintillation proximity (SPA), enzymatic, or other assay format involving a radioisotope, we have the expertise and facilities to assist you.

Blue Sky’s Core Radiometric Assays include but are not limited to:

Radioligand binding assays are a commonly used biochemical method of determining the binding characteristics of drug-like molecules which interact with transmembrane proteins. Common parameters include Kd and Bmax of radiolabeled molecules, and the IC50 and Ki of non-labeled competitor molecules. Below are examples of Radioligand binding assays generated at Blue Sky:

 Receptor Saturation Study  Competitive Displacement Study

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