Baculovirus Insect Expression

BEVS stocks in under 2 weeks. Fast & reliable Scale-Up of 1L-50L in 5-10 days.

Blue Sky is widely recognized for its pioneering technologies and leadership in baculovirus production, baculovirus amplification, and bioreactor-scale protein expression.

IKM®: Blue Sky’s Infection Kinetics Monitoring (IKM®) technology was developed by our team of scientists to deliver unmatched reproducibility and scalability for baculovirus mediated expression.

BIIC: Blue Sky offers this leading edge technology for preserving and scaling up baculovirus through one of the technology’s original co-inventors.

Spodoptera - Insect Expression

Blue Sky's Baculovirus service offerings include:

  • Virus Generation
    • Generation of high titer, expression-validated P1 baculovirus stock in one week.
    • Generation of large volume (1-2L) of high titer, expression validated P2 stock in one week.
    • Larger volumes of amplified virus can be provided.
  • Expression Scouting and Optimization
    • Small scale expression optimization study conducted in less than 1 week.
    • Variables examined: viral load, time course and cell line (Sf9, Sf21 and Tni).
  • Variable scales
    • 10ml to 300L.
  • Unmatched turnaround time
    • 1.5 weeks for expressions up to 100L
    • 2.5 weeks for expressions from 100L to 300L

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