Infection Kinetics Monitoring

Infection Kinetics MonitoringThe Insect Expression Team has made significant advancements in technology to improve the quality of baculovirus-mediated protein expression. Blue Sky’s industry-leading baculovirus service utilizes Infection Kinetics Monitoring® (IKM®), a proprietary process technology that significantly improves turnaround time and lot-to-lot variability with fast turnaround. Blue Sky Bioservices delivers unmatched reproducibility, scalability, and quality.

"I wish I could have this type of reproducibility!” – Colin Robinson, Pfizer, UK

Protein Expression using Infection Kinetics Monitoring
Figure 1. Reproducible Protein Expression using IKM®. The target shown above was expressed for a client on two occasions approximately one year apart with reproducible yield. Lane: 1, MW Standard; 2, positive control; 3, total cell lysate (May 4, 2011); 4, soluble lysate (May 4, 2011); 5, total cell lysate (April 2, 2012); 6, soluble lysate (April 2, 2012); 7, negative control.

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