Mammalian Expression

Unmatched quality and turnaround: 1mg-1g in less than 2 weeks.

Production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells has grown in popularity over the last two decades due to the increased need for polypeptides with proper post-translational modifications. In particular, therapeutic proteins such as antibodies often require glycosylation that can only be achieved in mammalian systems.  Blue Sky Bioservices’ team of experts has the innovative solutions to assist with your mammalian expression projects including:

  • Experience with an extensive list of cell lines
  • Transient expression
    • HEK or CHO
    • 1L to 300L preps
    • Large scale DNA preps (TeraPrep™)
  •  Stable Cell Line Development
    • Adherent and suspension
    • Pools and Clones
  • Expression Optimization
  • Cell Banking
  • EVA™ Platform: An innovative technology to rapidly (4-8 weeks) adapt cell lines to suspension growth and to new media, including serum-free media.
  • Antibody production (transient and stable)
  • Vectors optimized for rodent cell line expression

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