Gene Synthesis

Quick and efficient gene synthesis in 7 Days.

Gene synthesis is the process of assembling a coding sequence from individual nucleotides or short oligos. Using Blue Sky Bioservices’ Chain Blue Lightning™ methodologies, we are able to quickly and efficiently synthesize DNA molecules of varying sizes. Gene synthesis has emerged as a more rapid and dynamic alternative tool for genetic manipulation than PCR cloning and is able to provide researchers with benefits that include:

  • Improved expression: the gene sequence can be optimized for expression in specific organisms.
  • No restrictions: Gene can be designed for cloning into any expression vector.
  • Save time: Make multiple mutations or variants faster and easier than using traditional PCR cloning methods.
  • Save money: Gene synthesis is often more economical than PCR cloning.

Blue Sky's Gene Synthesis Platform Technology:

Chain Blue Lightning Gene Synthesis Platform

Sample pPlasmid Map:

 Sample pPlasmid Map

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