Order DNA Preps

Thank you for your interest in ordering Plasmid Production from Blue Sky’s world class molecular biology team. Blue Sky’s range of capabilities can enhance the quality and speed of your research, starting with plasmid production! Start your experiment right with the highest quality transfection-grade DNA!

Choose DNA Prep Scale      Choose Endotoxin Level
  • 0.5-1mg
  • 1-2mg
  • 5-10mg
  • 10-15mg
  • Custom Large Scale
  • <100EU/mg (standard delivery, low endotoxin)
  • <10EU/mg (Very low endotoxin)
  • <1EU/mg (Endotoxin Free)

Each DNA Prep includes*:

  • Guaranteed yield
  • Sequencing analysis
  • Sterility Testing
  • Endotoxin-free processing

Starting material can be any of the following:

  • Purified Plasmid -100ng in buffer or dried on filter paper
  • Glycerol Stock
  • Bacterial Colony

How to Order:

Click on the DNA Prep order form and fill out all necessary details.  Please also include antibiotic resistance in the ‘comments’ section during checkout.

Custom DNA Prep

Need to request a larger DNA Prep, or does your order involve extra details such as extra sequencing, extra aliquoting, special growth instructions, etc.?
Please fill out and submit the Custom DNA Prep worksheet below and we will follow up with a quote immediately!

*Guaranteed yield is based on high copy number plasmid. Low copy number plasmid will incur additional charges
Price may change based on the total size of prep, endotoxin level, and special antibiotic resistance.
Final pricing will be in the formal quote sent to the contact information you submit with your order.
All work products from Blue Sky is for research purposes, non-human use only. Other limitations apply as specified in the quote

In the event client provides to Blue Sky BioServices any cell line, vector or other material (collectively, “Material”), by placing this order, client represents and warrants that it has obtained all third party rights required to transfer Material to Blue Sky BioServices for use by Blue Sky BioServices in connection with the purposes of this order, and client hereby indemnifies Blue Sky BioServices, its officers, employees and agents, from any expenses and losses arising from third party claims relating to intellectual property rights in or with respect to Material.