Plasmid DNA Preparation

Fast and reliable plasmid DNA preparation of 1mg-1g in 2 weeks or less.

With the increasing popularity of large-scale mammalian transient protein expression, there has been a concomitant demand for bulk DNA production. Blue Sky BioServices’ plasmid TeraPrep™ service fulfills this demand with a large-scale chromatographic DNA purification platform developed by our molecular biology and protein science teams. It provides high-purity, endotoxin-free DNA with unmatched turnaround times of one – two weeks in milligram to gram quantities.

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The TeraPrep™ Service provides:

  • Competitive Prices
  • 3-6 day Turnaround
  • Simple Ordering Process
  • High Throughput Multiparallel Capacity
  • 1 Milligram to 1 Gram Options
  • Premium Transfection Grade Plasmid

Sample Data:

Plasmid DNA Preparation Data

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