Endotoxin Testing and Removal - DeTox™

Endotoxin Testing and Removal - DeTox

For downstream applications of recombinant proteins, yield and purity are not the only metrics by which proteins preparations are judged.  Frequently, proteins must also have low endotoxin levels because these molecules interfere with cellular assays and animal studies.  To address this important issue, Blue Sky’s Protein Sciences team has developed the DeTox™ platform, whereby recombinant proteins are subjected to a rigorous process of endotoxin minimization, testing, and removal (if necessary). This endotoxin-control system delivers recombinant protein without the hassles of contaminating endotoxin, irrespective of the expression system used.

With DeTox™ Blue Sky delivers:

  • The highest quality purified recombinant proteins
  • Recombinant proteins with the lowest level of endotoxin

Sample DeTox Data

Sample Endoxin Testing Data