Protein Purification

Protein Purification ServicesThe Protein Sciences’ team at Blue Sky employs a variety of chromatographic methodologies on industry standard platforms to purify recombinant and endogenous proteins from many sources, including tissue/organs, cell paste, and conditioned media.

Blue Sky’s expert scientists routinely replicate established protocols or conduct process development in cases where protocols do not exist. Wherever applicable, our team is proactive in recommending improvements to existing protocols.

Some of our most prominent protein enrichment methodologies are:

  • Affinity chromatography
  • Ion-exchange chromatography – Cation exchange, anion exchange
  • Gel filtration / Size-exclusion chromatography
  • Hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Ni-affinity Purification Example:

Ni-affinity Purification Example
Ni-affinity Purification








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