Protein Refolding (Reform)

Expression in E. coli is a widely used method for large scale production of therapeutic targets. For proteins not requiring any post-translational modifications, E. coli expression offers a quick and inexpensive alternative to expression in mammalian or insect cells. Heterologous proteins, however, often misfold during expression, rendering the molecule inactive, insoluble, and useless for activity and/or structural studies.

The Protein Sciences team at Blue Sky Bioservices has developed a suite of protein refolding processes using E. coli inclusion bodies called Reform. With Reform, proteins are purified under denaturing conditions and refolded using direct dilution, diafiltration, step-dialysis, size-exclusion chromatography, affinity-based techniques, and other methods.

Blue Sky's Reform takes your inclusion bodies to soluble protein in 3 steps:

1. Check Protein Solubility

2. Purify Protein Under Denaturing Conditions

3. Refold Protein

Check Protein Solubility

Purify Protein Under Denaturing Conditions



Protein Refolding Technology - Reform