Assay Services

Your Assay, Your Way.

Blue Sky’s Assay Services team offers a diverse variety of biochemical and cell based assay development and screening solutions. We have the knowledge and flexibility to support your assay needs. Our dedicated team of experienced scientists will work with you to transfer and validate an existing assay to Blue Sky, or develop a custom assay to your specifications.  In our state of the art facility, we can perform radiometric, fluorescence, image-based, and other screening formats using your compounds, or our proprietary focused library. In addition, our project leaders will guide you through the entire process, notifying you about developments every step of the way.  

From one plate studies to recurrent compound testing and 100’s of plates, our team can deliver the high quality data that you want with the fast turnaround times you demand.  Contact us at to discuss your needs.

Blue Sky’s Assay Services include:

Blue Sky is now part of LakePharma. To learn more, click bioassays and bioanalytical assays.